Meet Our Thought Criminals
Brett Craig is an award-winning ad man who once created Super Bowl commercials for brands such as Taco Bell and Pepsi. Then one day the entire agency world went crazy woke and he discovered his new job became apologizing for his white privilege and sitting in boring DEI meetings where he worried he might violate someone’s safe space simply by existing. Although Brett does feel he looks good in a women’s wig, and even occasionally wears one, he didn’t appreciate being compelled to announce his personal pronouns to people he worked with for a decade and knew he was a man. Inevitably, he was canceled (and that’s a whole story he’s willing to bore you with over a coffee, provided you have 3-4 hours and you’re buying). Brett is one of the brains behind the whole XX-XY Athletics idea, so if it fails, the blame will land squarely on him. Brett is Christian, a husband and proud father to two girls who play sports. And he can’t think of a more worthy cause than working for a company that stands up for his girls’ right to participate in athletics on a level playing field. 
Josh is a retired pro athlete and sports industry vet with an entrepreneurial upbringing thanks to his parents who owned and operated several successful businesses. Looking back, he can’t decide what he enjoyed more – operating heavy machinery as a child or cutting concrete pipe with a sledgehammer for his family’s pipe-lining business. One thing is for sure, he always wanted to live up to his parents’ values – work hard, stay humble, act with kindness and generosity to all, and live the American Dream!​ Josh met Jen through a mutual friend and immediately knew he was meant to embark on bringing XX-XY Athletics to life. He cried tears of joy when he realized he was accountable to his coworkers for his performance, and not immutable traits or how well he pandered to corporate politics.​ Occasionally accused of being deeply curious and analytical, his longest standing personal research project on “Truth” began in May 2006 with the birth of the first of four daughters. Despite many fantastic missed opportunities to give up on the experiment, he has never lied to his kids (and they are all doing just fine). If the truth fits, wear it!
Krista is our fearless designer. Without Krista there are no amazing XX-XY Athletics clothing items to buy. Just a cool brand idea with nothing much inside of it (which is like a lot of popular brands and parallel economy brands, come to think of it.) So, you have Krista to thank for your new favorite tee shirt and sweats. Before working at XX-XY Athletics, Krista designed kids athletic clothing for golf and tennis. And she loved it. But it was just cute clothes and there was no real mission or message to stand behind. Krista wanted more. Add to that, Krista watched her words – and her thoughts – in the workplace because yeah, that’s what most corporate cultures demand. She joined us here so she could say what she thinks and mean what she says and not worry about any side eye. Unlike some of us here Krista was never cancelled. But she never gave herself the chance to be because unlike some of us she kept her mouth shut. Not anymore. She is proud and excited to be creating in an environment that TRULY values free speech and open debate. And guess what, it makes her work stronger. Because when you’re not afraid of offending someone all the time, your brain works better. Krista is a mom and wife and a Christian and we’re all so thrilled she took a chance on us.
Dan makes our website do website things. In his career he’s worked on everything from negotiating the price of toilet seats to broadcasting major sporting events. They gave him a big shiny statue for working in sports. No one cares as much about toilet seats, until they really need one. Working in sports taught him not just which stadiums have the best cheese fries, but also how sport elevates us as individuals and brings us together. And it led him to the radical notion that women, as well as men, should have the opportunity to participate and feel safe doing so. ​Dan is happy to use your preferred pronouns if you ask nicely, and will march for your right to do just about anything as long as it doesn’t infringe on the liberty of others. When the rights of one individual naturally collide with the rights of another, he hopes we will all be brave enough to work towards a solution than simply defending our respective points of view.​ ​Dan feels refreshed working for a company where you are not required to check your personal convictions at the door. The XX-XY Athletics team embraces disagreement with a giant hug and will not let go. Our strength comes from that diversity of thought and the courage to stare it in the face. He hopes you will feel that strength and courage every time you reach for one of our products and is eager to see what it inspires you to do next.​