Hi, I’m Jennifer Sey.

I have to admit, I never thought I’d become the founder/CEO of a clothing company, much less one that encourages people to be brave.

After all, as a kid, I just wanted to fit in.

In fact, in many ways I was the ultimate conformist. I was obedient to a fault. Even though the sport I loved, elite gymnastics, routinely abused girls like me — both emotionally and physically. Yet I stayed silent because that’s just what you were supposed to do — especially if you were vying for a spot on the National Team. Trouble makers didn’t get very far.  

But 22 years after becoming a National Champion, I decided to break my silence.

And when I blew the whistle on the rampant abuse in national gymnastics in my book “Chalked Up," I was vilified and ostracized by the very community I was speaking up for. 

But by the time I produced “Athlete A” in 2020, many others began to speak out.

And this taught me a valuable lesson: being brave and telling the truth helps other people find their voice too. I decided I would never stay silent again.

So, I continued speaking up.

This time, I couldn’t remain silent when the lockdowns were cruelly imposed on children during covid. And for the crime of saying I believe public school kids deserve to be able to go to school during the pandemic, like the kids in private schools, I was dragged, demonized and smeared.

But sports taught me an important lesson:

You gotta get back up when you get knocked down.

So I decided to make my own opportunity. What could be more American than that?

And wouldn’t you know it? I teamed up with a rag tag group of cancelled, ousted and self-described misfits. And we created an athletic brand that would stand for the truth and America’s highest ideals: equality of opportunity, freedom of speech, open debate and dissent and striving for excellence.

We’re not out to make so-so products for the “parallel economy."

We are here to make clothes that are of the finest quality — the very best fits and fabrics and styles — that you’ll not only be proud to wear but love wearing.

And we’re here to protect women’s sports and spaces.

For women to be recognized as champions and to simply be afforded the chance to compete on an even playing field — and avail themselves of all the vast educational and developmental opportunities that competing in sports provides — girls' and women’s sports need to remain for girls and women only. We’ll be here defending them until that happens.

I hope you’ll stand with us. Because as I’ve discovered, it’s a little less scary when we do it together. 

-Jennifer Sey