We are unapologetic about our goal.

We are here to protect women’s sports and spaces.

We believe women deserve the opportunities that sports and single sex spaces provide.

· The opportunity to thrive — in athletics and education.

· Access to privacy and safety.

· The benefits of participating in sports – healthy self-esteem, positive body image, confidence, resilience.

· The chance to compete. And a fair chance to win.

It is simply undeniable that sex matters, especially in sport. It is the single biggest determinant of athletic performance. Men and women are different. It's just a fact. Men have XY chromosomes and more testosterone which makes them stronger and faster.

It is simply unfair and dangerous at times, to allow males (XY) to compete in girls and women’s (XX chromosomes) sports.

For women to be recognized as champions and simply to be afforded the chance to compete on an even playing field — and avail themselves of all of the vast educational and developmental opportunities that competing in sports provides — women’s sports need to remain female.

We’ll be here defending truth. And women and girls. Until that happens.


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Founded on Truth.
Dedicated to Quality.
Built for Style & Performance

We’re committed to standing up for the truth and America’s highest ideals: equality of opportunity, freedom of speech, open debate and dissent and striving for excellence. 

We’re not out to make okay products for the “parallel economy” … we are here to make clothes that are of the finest quality — the very best fits and fabrics and styles — that you’ll not only be proud to wear but love wearing.

We want to start a cultural movement of bravery.
To become a force for truth and sanity.

We hope to coax people out of their kitchens where they are whispering to each other:

And though we know it can be scary to stand up and apart, if we do it together we believe it’s a little less scary. And we promise, you won't be alone.

So, join us and wear your XX-XY Athletics gear with pride.


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