Quality and Style You Can Feel Good About Wearing

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Quality and Style You Can Feel Good About Wearing

We’ve gotten a lot of questions about our quality, manufacturing standards and where we make our product. Thought we’d let everyone know a bit more detail.

Our first drop of cotton tees and cotton/poly fleece product is manufactured in Peru, a country known for its world-class, high-quality cotton. Thanks to ideal growing conditions, Peruvian cotton is extra soft, durable and resistant to pilling. Exactly what we want to make the very best premium, casual athletic wear that lasts.

Our partner in Peru is certified by WRAP — the world’s largest independent certification program focused on the apparel, footwear, and sewn products sectors. They are a 3rd party certifier ensuring safe, humane and ethical manufacturing around the world.

Working with WRAP to achieve certification is a collaborative process to ensure compliance with their 12 Principles which include prohibition of child labor and forced labor, a healthy and safe work environment, prohibition of harassment and discrimination, customs compliance, security at the facility and freedom of association and collective bargaining for all workers.

We work closely with our factories to ensure our apparel products are all lead and phthalate free and in compliance with the most rigorous standards per California’s Prop 65, guaranteeing all of our products are free from toxic chemicals.

Krista Wiskow, our lead designer, spent almost a decade designing for kids, where the most rigorous safety standards are required. She follows these same protocols in designing for XX-XY Athletics. 

All of our facilities must be actively engaged, ensuring effective management processes are in place to fulfill our compliance standards.

We aren’t out to make disposable fast-fashion product for the parallel economy. We aim to make the very best premium tees and fleece on the market. And we hope our products are your favorite pieces in your wardrobe – the first you reach for when you want to be comfortable and look your very best. And we are proud that when you do put on XX-XY Athletics gear, you can also feel confident about how it was made.

Thanks for standing up for truth.